Authentic Leadership for a Just Resilient and Thriving World

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Authentic Leadership for a Just, Resilient and Thriving World
Authentic Leadership Development

The kind of leadership needed in this unprecedented convergence of social, ecological and financial crises, is none other than the journey of becoming fully human. This is where we see, sense and act from the whole of our inner and outer worlds. We leverage our individual and collective values, remember our deepest roots, and move toward our highest potential of possibility. Authenticity is about connecting to the source of your essential self and the emerging future, in order to create profound shifts in our world. That is what authentic leadership is really about. We remind you to be more yourself.

Stakeholder Engagement

We host dialogue-based learning and innovation processes people walk away from feeling heard, connected to the issues and solutions created and better yet, connected to their organisation and community. It improves relationships among participants and connects them to their authentic selves, to their core values and beliefs. How do you get solutions everyone supports? Ask them to come up with the solutions, we will show you how.


How do we become more authentic, self-aware and connected leaders, change agents and facilitators? It takes practice. The learning is in the doing. We help you discover practices that will support you on your leadership journey. From meditation to Aikido, there is a practice out there that will help you become more fully yourself, strengthen your inner compass and develop your personal resilience.

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Who we are
The Lotus
Dana Pearlman

Dana designs and facilitates action learning experiences that incorporate whole person development, mission driven entrepreneurship with systems thinking, being and doing for social innovation. Her academic background is in clinical psychology and strategic leadership towards sustainability.

The Lotus
Christopher Baan

Christopher is a Leadership Associate at Mobius Executive Leadership, a boutique firm offering coaching, training and leadership development.