The Wisdom Council Project: Deborah Frieze

Deborah Frieze is the co-author of Walk Out Walk On. Deborah understands the meaning of walking out of a mindset, worldview or institution that no longer feels purposeful, and making bold moves in unchartered territory with the aim of contributing to the common good: our global community. Deborah has engaged in identifying diverse cultures that are walking out of unfulfilling and shortsighted ways of being toward building healthy and resilient communities. This is what Deborah explores in her Walk Out Walk On book co-authored by Meg Wheatley.

In The Wisdom Council Project, Deborah answers the question “What archetypes can we call upon within ourselves during this transition period to usher in the new world?” Hear why Deborah calls upon the wisdom of the magician, the pioneer and the jester to help her be an effective, engaged and inspired change agent, working for the common good.